Entry 1 I am safe and well. waking up three days a week at night to do my classes on zoom, and then somewhat recovering from sleepiness during the day. Also, my meditation teacher and I have been reaching out to those interested in meditation and we were pleasantly surprised to find people who are genuinely interested; especially now, people are searching for healthy and sustainable ways to deal with their pain, and the external turmoil we are exposed to. My teacher and I are working on translating key content and literature on meditation from English into Armenian, making this process even more meaningful and effective.  It happened so that my meditation teacher, who is also a licensed psychotherapist from CA, started seeing clients here, and we have already had a number of people from Artsakh who are now in Yerevan, come for sessions! Every time they leave the session I can see the difference… It’s as if I am in training, learning from my mentor/teacher, as I continue my MA remotely to officially start working as a psychotherapist (MFT) once I graduate in May.

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