Hrag Alex Bastian has assumed and will doubtless fill the position of Chairman of the Armenian Rights Watch Committee of the Armenian Bar Association. The #ARWC monitors and takes action on issues affecting the local, national, and international rights and entitlements of #Armenians. Committee members meet with public officials, area specialists and stakeholders, and human rights organizations to address our communities’ fundamental expectations. A high priority of the ARWC is to respond to discrimination and hate crimes. Bastian is a native San Franciscan, who received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his law degree from the University of San Francisco. From 2010 to 2021, he worked in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, beginning as a trial court prosecutor and then rising to be Deputy Chief of Staff. Bastian served as a Special Advisor to the Los Angeles District Attorney where he provided guidance and direction in the development of internal and external messages and media outreach. In that capacity, he led the development of policy and legal strategies. Bastian is currently the President and CEO of the Hotel Council of San Francisco. He is a Board Member of the Armenian Bar Association and speaks five languages (English, Spanish, Armenian, French and Russian). 

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