Los Angeles City Council Members Nury Martinez, Kevin de Leon and Gil Cedillo were recorded making a torrent of tirades with humiliating, malevolent and foul-mouthed comments against members of our community who are Black, Indigenous, Latino, LGBTQ+, Asian, and Armenian. It shocks the conscience that our elected leaders have expressed and shared with each other such disdain and dismissiveness, especially against those from minority and marginalized segments of society.  The irony is that these purported city leaders, who themselves come from disenfranchised communities, when cloaked in power, entitlement, and hubris, deepen the rut and add to the rust of inequality, injustice, and ostracism. Shame on them!  For the Armenian community confronting the advancing blight of Armenophobia, these repugnant comments cannot be rationalized or excused.  Martinez, de Leon, and Cedillo should forfeit their ability to represent us, because they no longer do.

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