Join Our Election Monitoring Team in Upcoming Elections in Armenia and the United States

The Armenian Bar Association’s commitment to fair elections is showcased in its mission to provide education and assistance with election monitoring through its member volunteer monitoring team. The bar provides education and assistance with monitoring in the United States and in 2017, actively conducted election monitoring in the historic Armenian parliamentary elections.

After participating in the 2017 National Assembly (Parliamentary) elections in Armenia, Mesrop Khoudagoulian summed it up as follows: “For some of us in the Armenian Bar Association, Armenia is the place of our birth.  For others of us, it may become the land of our return.  And for all of us, it remains the field of our dreams.  That’s why ensuring the truth, transparency and integrity of public elections in Armenia is of paramount importance. With our real-time engagement as election monitors, we hope to bridge the gap between an imperfect past and a promising future.”

Your Opportunity to Monitor the Assembly Elections in Armenia

As an election monitor, you will fulfill a critical role in strengthening the country’s democratic institutions and its rule of law, with the hope of bringing light and honor to future of our nation and people. Through this meaningful mission, the bar aims to have a presence in each of Armenia’s assembly elections.

The Armenian Bar’s goodwill ambassadors are required to be in Armenia for a short stretch of time in late March/early April during election years to conduct its duties.

The training (online) and coordination (on the ground) is conducted by Transparency International/Citizen Observer Initiative, which is the leading local organization with a proven track record of observing, auditing and analyzing Armenia’s past and planned elections.


To become a part of the Armenian Bar’s monitoring contingent or for more information, please write to [email protected] or call Armenian Bar Board Member Armen K. Hovannisian at (818) 645-2811.

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2024 International Law Symposium: Call for Papers

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