Subscription Plan

Practicing Attorneys
Any person (i) licensed and admitted to practice law and in good standing in any jurisdiction, (ii) who has earned a degree in law from a school of law, or (iii) acting as a judicial officer in a court of competent jurisdiction.
First Year Attorney

Any person who is a new bar admittee or a graduate in the current fiscal year.

Law Student

Any person pursuing the study of law at a law school.

Full Time Members of Academia
Auxiliary Members from Artsakh and Armenia

Any person who is qualified to be a member of this Association and who is a resident of the Republic of Armenia, may become an Auxiliary Member (Republic of Armenia) upon payment of the amount of dues established by the Board of Governors for an Auxiliary Member (Republic of Armenia). An Auxiliary Member (Republic of Armenia) may participate in the Association, but without the right to vote or hold office.

Honorary Members

Any person may become an honorary member of the Association if he or she is elected by a majority of the members voting at a duly convened membership meeting or by a majority of the Board of Governors.